Disarm Clock displays time using two rotating discs: outer face for hours and inner face for minutes. This kind of clock has been known for centuries. It is very quick to read time from, as it requires one-point eye focus. It also happens to create a whole world of new unknown possibilities, which make it not different, but truly unique.


    Zero emission, zero waste. Clock body and accessories are 3D-printed from PLA - a plant-based biodegradable zero-waste polymer. Production is zero-emission, based on renewable energy. Clock faces are printed on recycled synthetic, fully recyclable paper. No coal is dug, no petroleum is pumped, no trees are cut and no water is wasted.


    Always and forever. Our clock faces are mounted magnetically and can be changed in just seconds. Change not only color and design but also size. Customise even further by adding a bezel or transform from wall to table clock by adding a stand. Why? Because some time you might need to and sometimes you might want to.

HOW TO READ disarm clock?

Take a look at the 'tick' (the stationary hand). The outer rotating face of the clock shows hours and you can immediately tell where between two full hours it is. Right next to it, on the inner rotating face, are the minutes. It takes a moment to get used to it, but soon after you will be surprised how fast and intuitive it becomes.


Clock faces are mounted magnetically. It takes less than five seconds to change them. If you change to different face size you need to also change the tick. This takes additional five seconds. The tick can be mounted in four different positions (north, east, south or west) and with corresponding clock faces you can change the position at which you read time.


Bezels are mounted to the front of the clock body. Use four 3D printed screws (included with your bezel) to secure the bezel in place.

HOW TO CONVERT disarm clock?

To convert to a table or shelf clock you need a stand. Stands are mounted to the back of the clock body using two or four screws (included with your stand).


All products shown in the photographs are working prototypes, NOT in the final production quality yet. All bezels and stands will be produced as single-piece on big-volume 3D printers, so there will be no visible joint lines in final products. However, please bear in mind that due to the nature of this manufacturing process, some minor surface imperfections are likely to occur. They are not defects, but attributes of the process (like imperfections in wood or ceramics).

Marcin Kosinski

Architect, product designer, entrepreneur.

"I've been fascinated with clock and watch design for many years and created many projects just for me, without any intention to commercialise them.

For the last few years in product design industry I started to realise how urgently we all need to switch to truly sustainable methods of manufacturing.

After becoming a father I asked myself what can I do to make the world better for future generations. Is there a way to break the cycle in which we gradually transform our only planet into garbage?

I have decided to use my talents and experience to redefine the way we manufacture and use products. My first entry is Disarm Clock - the first sustainably manufactured clock with lifetime customisation.

Today I invite you to join me in this journey."

Disarm Clock is a registered trademark of Marcin Kosinski @

Design copyright and patent pending by Marcin Kosinski.

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